Advice on Making Whiteboard Explainer Videos

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Whiteboard explainer videos are videos where the story is presented with the help of a hand drawing different illustrations on a whiteboard. These videos have proven to be excellent tools for marketing and promoting products and services. With their help, businesses and organizations are turning complex stories into simple, yet engaging stories. In addition, it’s possible to turn a seemingly boring topic into an interesting one. If you are ready to invest time and energy into creating a whiteboard video, check our tips.

Pay special attention to storytelling

Let’s be clear – people love good stories. Regardless of the topic, most people would like to follow a story that looks interesting. So, your whiteboard explainer video should tell a memorable story. Of course, the story must be attractive to your specific target audience and the problems they have. This means that you should not only focus on the features of your product/service.

Design some great characters

Thanks to the characters, you can connect the story and keep it together. Creating a character is easy when you know your audience. Take their characteristics and create an animated character based on this information. With these characters, you will make the video more personal which in turns makes the video more memorable too.

Include the basic elements

There are three basic elements that every whiteboard explainer video should have – the well-known white background, the drawing in black color that keeps evolving and the author’s hand. These are the things that make a whiteboard explainer video different than other types of explainer videos. You should feel free to add a personal touch, but the essence of the video are those three elements.

Adding a personal touch

As we already mentioned, there is no reason why you should avoid adding a personal touch to the video. We are talking only about small changes that might make the video even more enjoyable and memorable. For example, even though the video is supposed to be black and white, you can use the logo of your business even if it includes different colors. The contrast will highlight your brand.

Use a clear voice

The last thing that you should think about is the voiceover. It’s obvious that you should use a clear and loud voice that will deliver the message perfectly. You can use both male or female voice because only in rare cases the audience consists strictly of male or female buyers.

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