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It looks like almost every modern business today, be it physical or online business, is interested in creating explainer videos. There are thousands of blog posts, forum posts, and articles that are emphasizing the benefits and positive effects of making explainer videos. However, making and sharing a video like this is not enough. The explainer video you want to make for your product, service or business, in general, must follow some basic rules if you want to reap the benefits. In case you are planning on making a video like this, just follow the rules explained in this article.

First of all, you should not be focused on creating a viral explainer video. It is obvious that viral videos can bring you tons of traffic and many positive effects, but it’s also true that making one is extremely difficult and you can never predict the final results. In other words, only a small number of businesses have created a video that they believed that it will become viral. So, when you are making an explainer video, your main focus should be placed on explaining how your product will improve the lives of your buyers. The shareability should come second.

Next, it’s vital to understand that explainer videos are more than a simple product presentation. Many business owners and marketers make the same mistake by designing product demos explaining all the features and some technical characteristics of the product. The main point should be to explain to users how this product can help them and why they should buy it in the first place. You can mention the best features, but the mechanics behind it should not be revealed in the explainer video.

As we already said, it is easy to get de-focused and start talking about all the advantages that your product brings, but the most successful explainer videos usually last between 45 seconds and two minutes. This means that you don’t have time to talk about all these things. It is up to you to select the most effective messages and incorporate them into the video. Do you have a unique solution for people’s problems? Is your product very cheap? Are you trying to promote your newly established brand? Answer these questions before creating an online explainer video. Besides these things, your explainer video must come with a call to action.

In the end, use different channels to promote your video and make sure that you have a high-quality video.

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