Things to think about when creating product explainer videos

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If you take a closer look at the market, you will probably notice that there are many companies that are offering product explainer video production. Most of them are promising big things, but the truth is that almost all of them are under-delivering. This is not a surprise because many things have become accessible to all Internet users. For example, when creating product explainer videos, some companies use stock photos and they say that they are creating unique videos. They also say that they can create spectacular animations in a day. It’s obvious that they are just trying to attract clients in a dishonest way.

If you want to avoid any problems, you should think about some things related to the process of creation of product explainer videos.

How much money are you ready to spend?

For starters, you should think about the price. This is one of the services where the prices are very versatile. As we said before, many factors contribute to this situation. It’s one thing to create a video based on stock photos and another to use custom illustrations. We are no trying to say that one of these options is better than the others because they can work in certain situations. In any case, you should think about your budget when making a decision. You should not spend more when the possible effects will be more or less the same.

What kind of style do you want to use?

This is another question that deserves an answer. The trends are changing all the time and you must be aware of the latest trends. For instance, many product explainer videos today rely on the so-called infographic style. These videos include different infographics between animations. With their help, you can present your product in a professional and effective way. In most cases, businesses focused on B2B activities are using this style. Others prefer whiteboard animation.

Selecting the right company

What every business owner looking for product explainer videos should know is that they have to select a company that can help them create a wide range of animations and elements used in modern explainer videos. You should avoid using companies that can do only part of the job. Before you decide which company you want to use, you should check their reputation. Get some references and check their work.

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