How to Create a Porn Blog and Start Turning a Profit

So you belong to the several millions of individuals across the world that enjoy porn online, offline and just about anywhere! While many of us enjoy porn for the fun of it, some others might just want to cash in on the massive porn following.

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If you are one of them, you are not wrong to dream along such lines, because the porn industry has evolved into a money-making behemoth. Consider the following statistics:  Over the last decade, 12% of the total websites on the internet were pornographic, 35% of all downloads contained pornographic material and 25% of all search engine requests were pornography related. These impressive numbers equate to one thing: people are making a ton of money making you horny and lusty by running content-rich porn blogs. If you want to make some money from your guilty pleasures, the following tips will come in handy:

Settle on a Niche

You should consider this the most important step on the way to making some handsome revenues from your pornography blog. It is essential you choose a niche (they include genres like big tits, large cocks, shemales, anal or public nudity among others) that you have a passion for. Just because gay porn seems to pull most of the numbers, that does not mean you should begin a blog on that subject. Starting a porn blog on a subject you are passionate about will mean that you will have the drive to create new content on a regular basis.

Go for an appropriate domain name

Do you know what PornHub, Xhamster and  Xvideos have in common? They have compelling domain names that give visitors a good perspective of the kind of porn on offer. Your porn blog can do no less. A rule of thumb is that your domain name should comprise the keywords that describe the pornographic content available. For example, if your niche is more narrowed to a genre like MILF webcams then you could go for the following names:

  • Camsandmilfscom

In addition to choosing a suitable domain name, you should go for domain name providers that give excellent services. You can check out NameCheap and NameSilo for some examples.

You would need reliable cloud-based storage for your files and nude pictures online. Therefore go for a hosting company that accepts adult content and proves reliable in keeping your files safe and secure.

Find a good website host

Shoot quality videos and pictures on a regular basis

Porn’s desirability comes from high-quality filming and stills. It is important to have a proper content management system to customize your content, plug-ins, themes and other parts of your porn blog.

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