Is someone copying my content? How to protect yourself and find plagiarism?

In the world of internet, it is easy for people to steal your creative work. They can steal articles, themes, images, graphics, templates, and other content despite your best efforts. Sometimes, it can cost you sales too.

So how can a creative professional protect his content from plagiarism?

Copywriting rules apply to most forms of creative content. But it is impractical to go to court every time someone swipes your work. Instead, you can use digital protection techniques to safeguard your content from content thieves.

Plugins like ‘Envira Gallery Lite’ or ‘No Right Click Images’ gives you the option to disable the right click mouse action which is the easiest way to save your pictures.

 Another option would be to use a site-specific watermark in your image. Some plugins can help you do it automatically, or you can add them in a batch using an image-editing program.

 To protect your written content from getting scraped quickly by RSS robots, use a plugin like Feed Delay. It allows you to set the time when your new content will be pushed via RSS feed.

You can use another plugin to add a custom header to each feed specifying the location of the original article. This way, if someone is duplicating your content via an RSS scraper, he will link to your site automatically. This method helps the search engine figure out the scraper site is a duplicate content hoarder.

There are several plugins like WP Content Copy Protect that allows you to disable mouse and keyboard action on images and written content.

 You can also use Copyscape copy protection service to put a warning on your site content. Though it may not deter all, most people will think twice before copying your content.