What is the best platform for creative writing?

The internet has made sharing ideas easier than ever before. It is a boon for the creative mind which loves to produce inspiring content. Thanks to this democratization, anybody can try their hand at creative writing.

In this article, we will suggest the best platforms you can use to publish your articles. The key idea is to publish your articles wherever you find your audience hangs out.

For example: If your audience is the professional crowd, publish articles on LinkedIn’s platform. This allows your peers to read and share your content with similar-minded people.

If you write poetry, it is better to publish in a space where other aspiring poets lurk. In case you love to share ideas with parents, you can guest write in a popular parenting blog as a starting point.

 People who want to make their mark by writing consistently can always choose a more permanent place like a WordPress blog. It is the most geek-free content management platform in the world. You can even start one for free.

 But to keep full control of your site and content, it is best to get your own domain name and host an independent blog. This can be your home base, a place where all your writing is published first.

To bring people to your blog, become a guest blogger on other sites, share your articles on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and expand your readership.

WordPress provides an easy solution to most of your publishing needs and is one of the most cost-effective means for self-publication.

 If you are looking to make a big mark, consider publishing on Medium. It is one of the most respected platforms for long-form content. Plus, it has a hungry audience which can even help you get better at your skill.